Party & Event Planner App

Our second app, the “Party & Event Planner,” is available in Apple’s App Store. With the party planner you can organize an event or, if needed, several events in a simple, quick and efficient way.
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I need the app really works!! I bought this app but it does not work. It is a shame because the idea is really good. I required a solution please.

I apologize. What exactly was purchased? The guest list?
Please uninstall and re-install the app, and then make the purchase again. It will not be called into account.

I love this app, however it does not sync between my iPad and iPhone. This therefore means its useless to me.
Please can you get this working ASAP


At the moment Apple has problems with the iCloud sync. If they have fixed it we will integrate these feature.

Is there a way to sync ipad and iphone apps?

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