If you need some assistance in organizing your busy schedule or planning events, then check out our list of the best event planner apps for the iPad.

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appstar5beste Our Wedding Planner was chosen by appstar.tv to one of the 5 best wedding apps
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5 best wedding apps

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iTunesArtwork Our new app “Child’s B-Day” is available in Apple’s App Store. With the new Children’s Birthday App you plan the most beautiful day of the year for your child quickly and efficiently
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appstar5beste Our App Party & Event Planner Pro was recommended from appstar.tv to the 5 best apps for New Year 2012

The wedding planner app is ready for iOS 6 and has been adapted to the bigger screen of the new iPhone 5


New features in Version 1.4

The most popular wedding planner in the German App Store is now available for the iPad and will now be a Universal App. Along with the well-known features for planning your very own dream wedding, you receive additional useful features as well as the revision of many helpful services. Use the new wedding planner together with your partner with the help of Dropbox file synchronization, linking your respective plans together. In addition to the traditional guest list, you also see a positive or negative reply for every invitation. Furthermore, it is possible to record invited children separately and thus get a better idea of the overall cost of catering. Wedding Planner on App Store With the new wedding planner app, organizing your own dream wedding will be easy, efficient, and universal.

Partyplaner App Logo Our second app, the “Party & Event Planner,” is available in Apple’s App Store. With the party planner you can organize an event or, if needed, several events in a simple, quick and efficient way.
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Adressbuchimport Since yesterday, our wedding planner is available in version 1.3. Now it is possible to import guests directly from the address book. Furthermore, an error has been corrected by deleting the guests and brought the Facebook and Twitter integration to date.

New features:
  • Deposit function in cost planner
  • Mail and print cost planner
  • Bugfixes